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Itinerary 8th till 14th of July 2023

We will land in Santarém from where we will travel by land to the FLONA - Tapajós National Forest. There, we will be hosted in a hammock in the Jamaraquá community, and our first official activity will be a conversation circle followed by a recognition trail of the area. In the following days, we will take trips to the flooded forests, play soccer, participate in a bio-jewelry and carimbó workshop, which is the contagious local rhythm. Adventurers will have the opportunity to spend a special night in the forest. We have prepared many games and even a movie night with the children, and many opportunities for interaction with the local community.


We will continue the trip aboard a delightful regional boat until we reach the Bragança village, where we will have a conversation circle and presentation with Cacique Seu Domingos, and from there, we will learn about the traditions, way of life, and culture of the Munduruku people with more trails, farinha making, archery, indigenous body painting, and handicrafts. Finally, we will say goodbye to this trip in the paradisiacal Alter do Chão.

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Tekoa Pyau village in Jaraguá - SP

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