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Palafitas offers enchanting experiences through immersive group trips to traditional communities, designed to support local development, exchange of knowledge, and foster strong bonds of affection and cooperation. We deeply value the forest, its unique biodiversity, the local people, their ancestral heritage, and vibrant popular culture. By participating in our trips, you will not only enjoy a unique opportunity to connect with the natural world and traditional communities but also contribute to the preservation of the Amazon and the empowerment of local communities.


"The new worlds must be experienced before they can be explained"

Alejo Carpentier

What is P A L A F I T A S ?

PALAFITAS is dedicated to promoting a deep and lasting reconnection with the natural world. Our mission is to remind people of their intrinsic connection to the planet, and to inspire a new way of living in harmony with nature.

Palafitas is a platform that aims to reconnect people with nature and promote sustainable tourism through unique experiences that foster a deep understanding of the natural world. We believe that our disconnection from nature is one of the main causes of environmental problems and social issues. By providing opportunities to learn from and connect with traditional communities, we aim to create a positive impact on both people and the planet. Our approach prioritize regenerative tourism, environmental awareness, and the development of local economies. Join us in rediscovering our connection to nature and building a more sustainable future.

"Palafitas" refers to a type of stilt house commonly found in Brazil's Amazon rainforest and coastal areas. This architectural style provides a housing solution that can help mitigate the impacts of climate change.



At Palafitas, we believe in the value and importance of traditional wisdom, and we work to promote the exchange of knowledge between different communities. Through immersive experiences in traditional communities, we aim to connect people with the essence of community life and help them



Discover the richness of diverse cultures, build connections, and expand your perspective through direct interaction and the exchange of knowledge. By learning from different realities and ways of life, we can grow and strengthen our communities together.

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Reconnecting with nature brings us back to our essence, providing moments of reflection, awareness, and experimentation. It reminds us that we are not just a part of nature, but nature itself.

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